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    Racing Pigeons Canada

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    For All Reasons

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    Breeding Racing Pigeons

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    Proven bloodlines for performance and beauty

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    Meuleman, Janssen, Van Loon, Oshaben Trenton

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    Rare colours, excellent performance

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Our Breeding Hens

Racing Pigeons Canada is trying to bring you best of both worlds; excellent flyers in more beautiful colour. Our hens are playing important role in this project.


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Our Male Breeders

This page is dedicated to our  male birds. Every successful breeding starts by carefully selecting the parents and the blood strain to match. Follow the link bellow.


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Racing Pigeon For Sale

Currently, I have several top  racing pigeon for sale  available on this page. If you are interested in some of the birds feel free to contact me for more information.


As of Jan 2015 our birds will fly in NRRPA!

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